Watch Alex Cora bring the World Series trophy home to Puerto Rico

Cora addressed an enthusiastic crowd and showed off some dance moves.

Alex Cora with the World Series trophy
Red Sox manager Alex Cora arrives in Caguas, Puerto Rico, with the 2018 World Series trophy. –Carlos Giusti / AP Photo

When manager Alex Cora helped the Red Sox capture their fourth World Series title in 14 years, he made it clear that the milestone meant a great deal to his fans and supporters back home in Puerto Rico.

That’s why Cora, players Christian Vazquez (who is also Puerto Rican), Eduardo Nunez, and Eduardo Rodriguez, fellow coaches, and members of the front office made the expedition Saturday to Cora’s hometown of Caguas, as a way of saying thank you for all their love and relentless optimism. Mayor William Miranda Torres reportedly met the entourage in San Juan, which is 16 miles north of Caguas, and escorted them toward the adoring flock of fans.


Here’s a look at how the day unfolded:

Boarding the plane

Cora shared on Twitter that he was San Juan-bound, and the Red Sox posted a video shortly thereafter confirming that he had, in fact, boarded the plane.

Arriving in Puerto Rico

Four minutes after Cora tweeted that he had arrived, the Red Sox de Boston account tweeted a video of the plane landing.

Off to Caguas

As Cora made his way from San Juan to Caguas, the crowd started chanting, “Cora, Cora!” according to Maria Cramer of The Boston Globe. It quickly became clear how important this day was for locals, particularly after the turmoil residents have experienced during the past year as they continue to recover from Hurricane Maria.

One of those fans, Miguel Martinez, reportedly gushed about Cora’s contributions.

“He put us on the map,” said Martinez, who was slow dancing to salsa with his girlfriend as they waited for Cora. “My eyes filled with tears when he won the championship because this is something historic.”

A sea of fans

Cora, who became the first man from Puerto Rico to lead a team to a World Series championship, hoisted up the trophy for everyone to see. This was one of the most gratifying moments of his life, and he made sure to cherish it with his family.


Addressing the crowd

Cora, sporting a red jersey and backward gray hat with a trophy embroidered on it, addressed a sea of fans in front of him. Those fans, sporting festive, multi-colored umbrellas and a potpourri of Red Sox paraphernalia, cheered as he took the stage.

“Criollo!” Cora belted, an homage to the team he managed in Caguas.

“You made me a better ballplayer, and you made me a better man,” he said in Spanish. “People ask me what’s harder: being the manager of the Red Sox or being the manager of the Criollos. You know my answer: being the manager of the Criollos.”

Showing off his dance moves

The Red Sox tweeted a video of Cora displaying some spirited dance moves. He reminded fans that he still has some of the athleticism he displayed back in the day as a player.

Wrapping up a day to remember

With the heart of the public festivities wrapped up, Cora showed his appreciation once more.

The private party raged on, and he spent more time with his family and friends.

Cora praised the Red Sox for putting him in a prime position to help him give back to his community.

“They didn’t put any boundaries on their manager,” Cora told reporters earlier in the day. “They trusted a kid from Caguas, Puerto Rico.”