David Price: ‘Eovaldi better be re-signing’

If Price had his way, Nathan Eovaldi would be back in Boston come spring. 

Nathan Eovaldi
Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi expresses his approval of an inning-ending double play in the fourth inning of a game against the New York Yankees in August 2018. –Barry Chin/Globe Staff

David Price had a message for fellow World Series champ Nathan Eovaldi during his Twitch livestream.

The Red Sox pitcher’s new Twitch channel went live Tuesday, and he was streaming himself playing Fortnite and answering questions from fans when Eovaldi joined the livestream. He didn’t have a microphone, but that didn’t stop Price from taking playful jabs at the free agent.

“Everybody wants you to re-sign, and I said no… I said re-sign him and send him to Pawtucket,” Price said.

Eovaldi was a hot topic on Price’s livestream before he even logged on, and Price was sympathetic to fans pleas for Eovaldi to return to the Sox.


“Eovaldi better be re-signing,” Price said.

The 28-year-old entered free agency at the end of the Red Sox World Series run. He quickly became a standout amidst other free agent pitchers, enticing some experts to speculate offers of a five-year, $86 million contract— à la Aroldis Chapman. Others have debated whether the Sox will kick back some of the World Series share money into signing one of the men who helped them win it.

Though the free agent hasn’t made up his mind yet, if Price had his way, Eovaldi would be back in Boston come spring.