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Why Red Sox rookie Michael Chavis tweets “11:11” so often

According to Chavis, it's "just a goofy thing that I do."

Boston Red Sox Michael Chavis
Red Sox rookie Michael Chavis is making waves on the baseball field and on Twitter with his "11:11" tweets. AP Photo / Winslow Townson

Red Sox rookie infielder Michael Chavis has been in the majors for 27 days.

In that time, the 23-year-old has hit seven home runs, 21 RBIs, and earned a .296 batting average.

Over the last month, Chavis has also racked up at least 10 tweets referencing the time 11:11, generally at 11:11 p.m.

What gives?

Chavis’s habit of tweeting at 11:11 p.m. is nothing new. He appears to have tweeted it hundreds of times dating back to Jan. 2014. According to MassLive’s Chris Cotillo, the number 11 has always been special to Chavis. He was born on Aug. 11, 1995, and reportedly weighed 11 pounds at birth.

In addition, MassLive reported Chavis’s favorite baseball player while growing up in Georgia was Gary Sheffield, who wore No. 11 on three different teams, including the 2002-03 Atlanta Braves. Chavis was even reportedly given No. 11 the very first time he played baseball. As a high schooler, Chavis apparently would pray at 11:11 rather than make a wish, as the popular saying goes.


“At some point in high school, someone was like, at 11:11, you make a wish,” Chavis told MassLive in April. “I was like, ‘Oh you’re right.’ But that’s for like normal people. With me being lucky No. 11, it’s got to be like super lucky for me.”

Chavis, who has tweeted about his religion in the past, told MassLive that the 11:11 tweets are “just a goofy thing that I do,” but also that he hopes to use his growing platform as an MLB player to remind his followers to pray.

Despite his affinity for the number, Chavis does not wear No. 11 on the Red Sox – third baseman Rafael Devers does. Chavis was distributed No. 23 in April when he joined the big-league team.

Here are some notable Michael Chavis 11:11 tweets:

Chavis’s eternal struggle in high school.

When he misses 11:11, it just throws him off.

Sometimes he misses it because he learned something new.

The ol’ Chic-fil-A $11.11 special.

If only Chavis had a time machine.