A young Sox fan gave Michael Chavis an enthusiastic introduction. Then Chavis hit a home run.

"Now batting! Second baseman! No. 23! Michael Chavis!"

Michael Chavis Red Sox MLB
Michael Chavis hit a solo home run in the fifth inning of the Red Sox' 4-3 win over the Astros Sunday. –Jim Davis / The Boston Globe

The Red Sox frequently select children to take over public announcing duties for an inning during home games at Fenway Park.

They might have found a good luck charm in a five-year-old fan’s announcing abilities during Michael Chavis‘s fifth-inning at-bat Sunday.

The rookie infielder was greeted by a high-pitched voice as he approached home plate with the Astros leading the Red Sox, 3-1.

“Now batting!” the fan said, to the delight of the Fenway Park crowd. “Second baseman! No. 23! Michael Chavis!”

Chavis offered the announcer’s booth a quick wave before stepping in for his at-bat. On the first pitch from Houston’s Wade Miley, he launched a solo home run over the Green Monster in left field.


The young fan’s sister identified her brother, who is named Jaxon, as the fan who announced Chavis on Sunday afternoon, replying to the Red Sox’ video. Chavis, who went 2-for-4 on Sunday, expressed gratitude for “gettin me ready to hit that home run!”

“I didn’t get a warning that it was going to happen, so I just heard a kid’s voice and I’m sure on video you can see me look up because I was so surprised,” Chavis said via NBC Sports Boston. “And then he kept talking, and I was impressed at how confident he was, because when I was a little kid, I would’ve been so nervous, I don’t think I even would’ve done it. I was kind of laughing to myself, like good for that kid. Right before I got into the box, I felt like I should say good job.”

The Red Sox won Sunday’s game against Houston, 4-3.