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‘He has not once looked for pity’: David Ortiz’s daughter thankful for support, promotes positivity after shooting

"Anytime you want to complain or feel sorry practice David’s method and turn that sorrow into optimism."

Alexandria Ortiz sings the national anthem before the start of the Red Sox' 2016 home opener. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

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Days after David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic, his daughter, Alexandria Ortiz, took to social media Wednesday to express her gratitude for the support her family has received while her father recovers.

“I would like to formally thank everyone who has reached out so kindly to feed us, transport us, and support us,” Alexandria Ortiz wrote in an Instagram post. “Those who have extended prayers, thoughts, and love, I thank you.”

Authorities say the former Red Sox slugger was shot Sunday night at a Santo Domingo bar in an assassination attempt. As of Wednesday, six people, including the alleged gunman, had been arrested. Police have not announced a potential motive.


On Thursday, Ortiz remained hospitalized in Boston as he recuperated in the ICU, according to a statement from his wife, Tiffany.

In her post, Alexandria Ortiz expressed her deep admiration for her father, writing that despite the circumstances, he has remained positive.

“I find myself complaining on a daily basis yet chaos has struck but my dad hasn’t complained once,” she wrote. “I promise on my life he has not once looked for pity, tears, or even indicated how he feels in his current state.

“He may be hungry (he’s eating only ice right now) and he may be tired but you know what he said not more than 3 minutes ago? ‘Even the toothpaste tastes good here,'” she added.

For those wondering what they can do to help out, Alexandria Ortiz has a suggestion: Take a page from her father’s book.

“Anytime you want to complain or feel sorry practice David’s method and turn that sorrow into optimism,” she wrote.