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Morning sports update: Dave Dombrowski gave his thoughts on the Edwin Encarnacion trade

"As you could see with Encarnacion, he’s a good hitter and it looked like there was some drive to move salary too."

Dave Dombrowski in 2017. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff file

The Red Sox won 2-0 in the series opening in Minnesota against the Twins on Monday, extending the team’s winnings streak to six games.

And the United States men’s national team gets underway in the Gold Cup on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. against Guyana at Allianz Field (also in Minnesota).

Why the Red Sox didn’t trade for Edwin Encarnacion: The recent Yankees trade for slugger Edwin Encarnacion raised concern among Boston fans, given that the Yankees now have the league’s current home run leader.

Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski commented on the deal on Monday, telling WEEI’s Rob Bradford that he “knew Encarnacion was available but I didn’t know where he was going to go.”

Dombrowski also downplayed the new league system where there will be no waiver wire trades after July 31. The timing of the trade, in his opinion, has less to do with the rule changes and more to do with circumstances.

“This is how it has been the last couple of years when you have some clubs who are willing to declare themselves not in it earlier than normal and I think there are more clubs that are like that,” Dombrowski told Bradford. “Some clubs are willing to make that move if they have a particular need at that time if the asking price is right. As you could see with Encarnacion, he’s a good hitter and it looked like there was some drive to move salary too.”

Trivia: The NHL draft starts this Friday (and runs through Saturday). The Bruins hold the 30th pick. In the team’s history, Boston has had the first overall pick three times, the most recent of which was 1997. What player did the Bruins take with the No. 1 pick in 1997?


(Answer at the bottom).

Hint: He’s still an active NHL player, though not with the Bruins.

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Alex Cora believes the Red Sox can still improve: The Red Sox are on a six-game winning streak after Monday’s 2-0 victory over the Twins. Still, manager Alex Cora thinks his team has another level it has yet to reach.

“Just playing good baseball,” Cora told NESN. “We still need to get better. Just keep getting better, that’s the most important thing. It’s been good for six days now, there’s some strides, but we’re not where we want to be yet.”

Sometimes, the scouting report works perfectly:

Jake DeBrusk’s message to Bruins fans:

On this day: In 1975, Red Sox outfielder Fred Lynn went 5-6 with a triple and three home runs, totaling 10 RBIs to help Boston pummel the Detroit Tigers, 15-1. His third home run landed in the upper deck of Tiger Stadium, a fitting exclamation point on one of the best single game performances by a Red Sox hitter in history.

“I got an ovation from the crowd in the stands in centerfield,” Lynn told Boston Globe reporter Clif Keane, “and it was great, because the last time I played here, they were throwing golf balls at me.”

Daily highlight: For the record, it’s possible to get a stand-up double out of a bunt. Here’s proof, via Matt Carpenter:

Trivia answer: Joe Thornton