John Henry says he’s frustrated by the Red Sox’ performance this season

"I don't feel good about the way we've played thus far."

06/02/15: Boston, MA: Red Sox owner John Henry took questions from the media on the state of his team in the Press Room behind the press box before the game.  The Boston Red Sox hosted the Minnesota Twins in a regular season MLB baseball game at Fenway Park.   (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis) section: sports topic: Red Sox-Twins (1)
Red Sox principal owner John Henry. –Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis)

The Red Sox’ two losses to the New York Yankees this past weekend in MLB’s London Series left many fans displeased with the team’s performance. Meanwhile, Sox owner John Henry was disappointed with the team before the series even began. Henry (who also owns Boston Globe Media Partners, including spoke to moments before the series opener about potential trades, making the playoffs, and more. Here are some highlights:

On the team’s overall performance: “I don’t feel good about the way we’ve played thus far…We now have had four times in a row we have struggled after winning the World Series. In 2014 I thought we had a lack of focus because we essentially had the same team in ’14 and finished last as we had when we won the World Series in ’13. The focus wasn’t as much on the field as it had been in ’13. We just don’t seem to be playing  the way we played last year. Same team.”


On relying on the same roster: “My take is that maybe it isn’t the best thing in the world to bring back the same team in its entirety every time.”

“You don’t want to break a team down. But maybe a few changes wouldn’t hurt. But the feeling is always different after you win, apparently.”

On the topic of trades and investing in new players: “We’re already over budget and we were substantially over our budget last year and this year. We’re not going to be looking to add a lot of payroll. And it’s hard to imagine fielding a better team. If we play up to our capabilities we’ll be fine. That’s the question: Will we? We’re halfway through and we haven’t.”

On making the playoffs: “It’s a worthy team because we invested. Two years in a row we have the highest payroll. It’s not a matter of investment, it’s a matter of playing well. If we play up to our capabilities we will easily make the playoffs. That’s how I see it.”