Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks are expecting their second child

"Baby girl Middlebrooks coming December, 2019."

7-17-2014 Boston, Mass. Over 500 guests attended NVRGT Night hosted by Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester and his Farrah to benefit Pediatric Center Researsh Foundation, the event was held at the House of Blues. L. to R. are  Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks and CBS Sports Jenny Dell    Globe photo by Bill Brett
CBS reporter Jenny Dell and former Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks announced their expecting their second child on August 6. –Globe photo by Bill Brett

Now that’s a baby announcement.

Former Red Sox third basemen Will Middlebrooks and his wife, Jenny Dell [Middlebrooks], announced on Tuesday that they are expecting their second child, a girl, in December.  Dell, who is an NFL reporter for CBS Sports, creatively announced the pregnancy in a baseball-themed newsreel for CBS:

“Breaking news out of South Florida: We have confirmed that the Middlebrooks roster will be expanding at the end of this year,” Dell said in the video. Will Middlebrooks, who was “shocked” when he heard the news,  shared the clip via twitter. He even joked that their dog might have to be designated for assignment (DFA):


The Middlebrooks had their first daughter, Madison, last October. Now she will be a big sister.

“Madison Dell Middlebrooks had a great rookie season,” Dell said, “but there are concerns about the 14-month slump with the arrival of her new teammate. A player, to be named later.” She then showed a video of Madison smiling, then crying, and joked: “When Madison was first approached about the new addition, her reaction was pure joy. But, she soon realized she will be needing to share the spotlight with her new little sister. That’s right. It’s a girl. Baby girl Middlebrooks coming December, 2019.”