Red Sox

Here’s how much the Red Sox are increasing ticket prices in 2020

A majority of games will be more expensive on average, while some will be slightly cheaper.

Not every seat in Fenway Park will be more expensive in 2020, but the ballpark will see an average rise in prices next season.

After missing the playoffs in 2019, Red Sox season is over. Looking ahead to 2020, the team announced on Tuesday that the average price of a ticket will increase 1.7 percent from what it was in 2019.

More specifically, prices will change in different directions based on the “tier” designation of the game as defined by the team. Games designated as “diamond,” as well as tiers one, two, and three will see price increases. However, tiers four and five will see an average price drop. In total, 27 out of 81 home games fit into tiers four and five (and will therefore see an overall price drop).


The last time the Red Sox experienced a non-playoff season (2015), ticket prices were raised an average of 1.4 percent. The year before that, when Boston finished 71-91, was also the last year that ticket prices were frozen in place for the next season.

Coming off a World Series win in 2018, the Red Sox raised prices an average of 2.5 percent.