Red Sox readers love the Red Sox Patriots’ Day look – except for the ones that hate it

"Just because you play like a bad high school team does not mean you have to dress like one.”

Red Sox City Connect Patriots Day Jerseys
Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, and Alex Verdugo wearing 2021 Boston Red Sox Nike City Connect uniform. Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Nike

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Red Sox fans already have so many things to argue about. For instance, “How bad are they, exactly?” and “How bad do you think they’ll be in a few weeks?” Do we really need to also be arguing over the color of their temporary uniforms? Apparently, yes we do.

In case you missed it, for Patriots’ Day weekend this year the Sox will be wearing yellow-and-blue “City Connect” jerseys, created in partnership with Nike, meant to reflect the traditional colors of the Boston Marathon. The marathon is usually held on Patriots’ Day, of course, but after being cancelled in 2020 it’s scheduled for October this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We asked readers what they thought about the unusual uniform departure, and 49% of the almost 600 who responded actually approved heartily of the move. “I think it’s a great hat tip to an iconic Boston event that can’t be there in person this year, so to speak,” said Kristen of Nashua, N.H., while Sharon of Mesa, Arizona, originally from Boston, asked the question MLB was no doubt most hoping to hear: “Can I order one?”

Of course, this being Boston, not everybody agreed: 36% of respondents took the “Hate it!” route, with 9% simply choosing the “I’m speechless” option.

“So the players get to look like a flock of lost Easter peeps running around Fenway. Ridiculous!” said Phil from Arlington, while another reader recalled a notorious 2016 incident involving the Chicago White Sox’s throwback uniforms: “Don’t give Chris Sale any scissors.”

See below for a sampling of how readers reacted to the temporary uniforms.

Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Love it!

“Yes, I like that they are trying something completely different. It’s only for one day, so I’m looking forward to seeing these on the field.”

“Goosebumps. As a runner, Marathon Monday is our holiest day. To see the Sox honor it is absolutely incredible. I NEED that hat!” — Steven, Allston


“Should have kept the traditional script for the letters but the color idea is fun.”

“I love these uniforms! The color is vibrant and the font used in the lettering gives it a retro feel.” — Kathryn, ex Massachusetts resident living in Princeton, N.J.

Rafael Devers poses for a portrait in the Red Sox’ new City Connect jerseys.

“Jerseys are great! Hats not so much.”

“They are delightful and cute and I love them so! I want to buy and wear to Revere Beach!!!” — “Sully from Revere,” who we think is pulling our leg

“I love what these shirts represent-our promise to ‘never forget!’ We are showing those lost and hurt on Marathon Monday that they are still in our hearts and minds, and we are showing the heroes of that day that we still appreciate the sacrifices they made.” — Elizabeth, Hanover

“The players seem to enjoy a nice change of pace — gives them an uplift. Guess they’ll be defeating the Chicago White Sox!”

“I wouldn’t want to see these as the everyday uniforms, but for honoring a special occasion like Patriots’ Day and the tradition of the Boston Marathon, I think they’re great.” — Kevin, Springfield


“Strange to see those colors on Red Sox uniform, but love the idea behind it.”

“I could cry this is so awesome.”

Hate it!

“Had been a huge fan of the Red Sox since 1974. Changes in their philosophy, as a supposed sports team, have changed my opinion of them. Never thought I could stop being addicted to them. Nike can have them … Don’t watch, listen, or check the sports scores at all.”

“The problem with playing with established brands is 60% of people will hate it no matter what. Count me as a hater. Let’s throw away 120 years of brand investment and kill anything related to the brand. Particularly when the color is in the brand name and nowhere to be found.” — Mark, Framingham

“God-awful uniforms. Looks like Big Bird vomited all over them.” — Anonymous, Malden

Stylist and model Chrissy Spacely is among those chosen for the launch of the 2021 Boston Red Sox Nike City Connect series.

“The name of the team is Red Sox, not bumble bees. It’s also completely illogical that the Boston connection uniform is made with Nike, a company from Oregon, and not New Balance, a company headquartered a few miles from Fenway. But hey, it’s all about the ‘Benjamins.’”

“Just because you play like a bad high school team does not mean you have to dress like one.” — Joe, Holliston

“Utter trash, but unsurprising given what atrocities Nike has unleashed as the official uniform supplier of the NBA. We all knew this was going to happen in MLB once they took over baseball uniforms. Get ready for more and more irrelevant and unnecessary theme uniforms in baseball.”


“What the actual $%^&?” — Ryan, Burlington, ON

“Anyone else think of the WGBH logo from the early ’70s?”

“All marketing jargon BS; just another excuse to sell overpriced merch.”

“This is trauma profiteering. It’s really telling that the Nike statement says it pays homage to ‘that iconic weekend’ — it should be something more like the iconic yearly tradition. What are they going to do next? Yankee and Mets jerseys to pay homage to that iconic day, 9/11? That just sounds wrong.”

“Honor the victims by running out a ground ball, for once.”

“From a purely design point of view, they should have at least kept the design in more traditional Red Sox colors. Or keep the Red Sox usual design but change the colors. What’s the inspiration for the stencil like font of the Boston text? A police barricade? Well, that’s just random.” — Jonathan B., Dorchester

“I understand the thought behind them, but you don’t change tradition.”

“Why is one of the most tradition-rich teams in baseball taking the field in some wild uniform-de-jour like we’re the Oregon Ducks? This team is getting more and more difficult to root for…”

“This is horrible! Fire the person or people that allowed this.”

“Look like softball uniforms, which is fitting for this team.”

“Red, white and blue are essential colors to be worn on Patriots’ Day. We should recognize the marathon and the Red Sox as separate treasures of our region.” — Paul, Plymouth

“They look like they are made for little league or tee ball games, not professional MLB. Get rid of the white pants and go yellow shirts and blue pants or vice versa.” — Mark, Taunton


“The marathon won’t even be run on its ‘traditional day.’ So the players get to look like a flock of lost Easter peeps running around Fenway. Ridiculous!” — Phil, Arlington

“Ha! Way to own being a high-A ball club this year! Can’t wait for Star Wars night.” — Dan, West Springfield

“Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen … and I’m old!” occasionally interacts with readers by conducting informal polls and surveys. These results should be read as an unscientific gauge of readers’ opinion.

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