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Don Orsillo sends heartfelt message to Dustin Pedroia ahead of his retirement ceremony

"Thank you for all on the field, but maybe more so off."

Dustin Pedroia, who retired in February, will be honored June 25 at Fenway.

Prior to celebrating his retirement from baseball on Friday, former Red Sox star Dustin Pedroia received a message from an old friend.

Ex-NESN announcer Don Orsillo, who was the play-by-play announcer for Red Sox games on the network from 2001-15, sent his regards to Pedroia before Friday’s ceremony.

“Best to my friend Dustin Pedroia on his retirement Ceremony,” Orsillo wrote in a tweet. “Miss our commercial shoots. Thank you for all on the field, but maybe more so off. 2009 told me my HR calls were ‘Brutal’ and ‘Get somebody out of their chair’ Working on it 😂.”

When Pedroia announced his retirement from baseball, Orsillo recalled the interview he had with Pedroia during a Spring Training game, calling it his favorite interview with the second baseman.


“Don – let’s be honest – I could do your job in my sleep,” Pedroia said in the interview. “I don’t know how the Rem Dog (Jerry Remy) does it man.”

Later in the interview, Orsillo asked Pedroia to give him a home run call he could use that season, noting that Pedroia’s past suggestions weren’t FCC friendly. Pedroia took it as an opportunity to rib on Orsillo some more.

“Let’s be honest Don, the stuff you’re doing now might get you fired,” Pedroia said. “‘This ball is way back and gone. A three-run home run for Dustin Pedroia.’ (Pedroia said in a monotone voice) I mean, jeez man. Get somebody out of their chair.”

“I like to call [hitting home runs] going to the moon,” Pedroia added. “Just say ‘La Luna.’ That’s all you need to say.”

When it was announced in 2015 that Orsillo wouldn’t be returning to NESN for the 2016 season, Pedroia was sentimental when talking about his relationship with Orsillo.

“He’s a good friend and he’s been great to me and my family,” Pedroia told reporters. “He’s been great to everybody around here. He’s somebody we deal with a lot and he’s first-class. I’m sure he’ll get a job immediately after the season. There will be a lot of people giving him a call.”


“You’re not going to find anybody better than him,” Pedroia added. “He was somebody everybody wanted to be around because he’s a good guy. It’s too bad, what happened.”

Orsillo did find a job not long after, agreeing to a deal with Fox Sports San Diego (now Bally Sports San Diego) in 2016 to be the play-by-play announcer for Padres games, a job he still holds.

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