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Jason Varitek surprised a fan at Canobie Lake Park. He didn’t recognize him.

“Oh my God, Jason Varitek, dude, you got me,” the man said after Tek introduced himself.

Catherine and Jason Varitek attended David Ortiz's Hall of Fame induction on July 24, 2022, in Cooperstown, New York. Barry Chin / The Boston Globe

An unsuspecting man eating pizza at Canobie Lake Park in a Jason Varitek T-shirt got approached by the ex-Red Sox catcher himself, but he didn’t recognize him until a quick introduction.

The “sneak attack” was captured by Varitek’s wife Catherine and shared to Twitter.

“Let me ask you, how is the pizza?” Tek says walking up to the man after the Variteks’ kids spotted him.

“It’s just microwavable pizza,” the man says, clearly unimpressed by the slice and unaware of who he’s talking to.

After Varitek asks for any other food recommendations, Catherine tells the man, “I like your T-shirt” (hint, hint).


“Oh, thank you.”

“Are you a fan of him?”

“Yeah, always.”

“He doesn’t play anymore though?”

“No, no, sometimes you still see him at the games though.”

Tek is on the Red Sox coaching staff, so he is, indeed, at the games.

The man then goes back to earnestly talking about the amusement park’s food options before Varitek interrupts him.

“Hello, I’m Jason,” the former Red Sox captain says shaking the man’s hand.

“Dude,” the man says stunned before giving Varitek a hug.

“Oh my God, it’s Jason Varitek, dude, you got me,” he says as everyone shares a laugh. “What are the odds — oh my God.”


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