Bigger presence for Krejci

To the eye, David Krejci might not look much bigger now than he did when the Bruins broke up in April.

“I realize that when I work out — let’s say I’m with another guy for two months and working out, same things — he gets muscles and he gets bigger. It shows,” Krejci said. “I get bigger but it doesn’t show in my muscles.”


David Krejci is looking to get bigger in the battle zones. (matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff)

But even if Krejci doesn’t have the body type that allows for rippling muscles, the lean centerman said he feels stronger on the ice because of his offseason workouts. Krejci said he’s been focusing on his legs to give him extra oomph in the danger areas.


Krejci, who competed for the Czech Republic in the World Championships, spent the summer at home where he worked out alongside New Jersey prospect Petr Vrana. Krejci vacationed with his family in Croatia, where he said a two-bedroom beach rental cost $300 per week. Whattabargain!

A more detailed entry on Krejci will be posted tomorrow.

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