Atlanta dining report

Still feeling full — no lunch necessary today — from the breakfast special at the Flying Biscuit Cafe (Midtown chapter): a three-egg scramble with chicken, spinach, caramelized onions, and cheese. Of course, this comes with the namesake biscuit and cranberry-apple compote. Even better, the coffee at Da Biscuit is excellent. There’s always a concern that the joe isn’t worthy (yes, big-time coffee snob here).

Made a return visit last night to MF Sushibar, which has some of the tastier fish around. Banged out some salmon, yellowtail, tuna, and a spicy salmon roll with avocado and yellowtail. Got the usual reception from my server whenever I chow down on sushi: Wow, you must have been pretty hungry! Embarrassing.


Two more top-shelfers for the traveling puck hack.

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