Skills wrap

With his second shot, Zdeno Chara bested Shea Weber and busted Al Iafrate’s record for the hardest shot, clocking a 105.4 m.p.h. howitzer.

“Records are meant to be broken,” Chara said.

Because of the shot, Chara will donate $24,000 to Right To Play, the humanitarian organization he serves as an athlete-ambassador.

“Today is a very special day,” Chara said. “Hopefully we can spread this even further in the future.”

It was a strong night for all four Bruins. Marc Savard finished runner-up to Shane Doan in the elimination shootout, getting some help from Tim Thomas. With Savard facing elimination, Thomas appeared to give him some space over his blocker, though the goalie denied any conspiracy involvement. Savard said he’ll be sure to remind Claude Julien how well he did when it comes time for a shootout.

Earlier, Blake Wheeler won MVP honors in the YoungStars Game.


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