Merci, Montreal


The out-the-door line at Schwartz’s in warmer days. (Marcos Townsend/Globe Photo)

MONTREAL — Just a few hours remain before the start of the All-Star Game, meaning not much left in my stay in La Belle Province.

With KPD assuming duties at the wheel for next Sunday’s Bruins-Habs tilt, this will be my last visit to Montreal — barring another postseason showdown, natch — until the 2009 draft.

As usual, the city did not disappoint, even with temps at -6 F last night (-15 with wind chill). The people have been great, it’s been the perfect stage for hockey, and as always, the chow has been superb.

Went with a few new places this time. First, there was a top-shelf New York strip at Moishes on the Plateau. Then a smoked meat sandwich at Dunns — good, but not as good as Schwartz’s. Finally, yesterday’s pre-game meal was at Bis, known to be a Claude Julien favorite. Enjoyed a crisp, well-dressed salad, followed by pasta with lamb sauce. Quite tasty.


Of course, there were the usual stops at Caffe Art Javva for one of their famous lattes, and a visit to L’Express for an unparalleled croque monsieur avec frites. This city is great.

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