Fight Cub

Boston’s Byron Bitz (61) fights with Washington’s Donald Brashear. (AP)

With a tip of the cap to (and, the newest obsessions for this hockey newbie, here’s the debut of Fight Cub, a (hopefully) recurring look back at the latest fisticuffs engaged in by Bruins pugilists.

The first rule of Fight Cub is that we always talk about Fight Cub, so leave your thoughts in the comments section and vote in our poll at the end of this entry.

Tale of the Tape

LW Position LW
24 Age 37
6-4 Height 6-2
220 lbs. Weight 225 lbs.

(Barry Chin / Globe Staff)

The expert’s take

Fluto Shinzawa, Boston Globe: Byron Bitz takes on Donald Brashear and holds his own against the Washington heavyweight. Mostly holding and grabbing, but Brashear landed some quick lefts to the back of Bitz’s head.


The not-so expert’s take

Chris Forsberg, Little too much dancing at the beginning, felt like I was watching a replay of Anderson Silva at UFC 90 as the two circled each other endlessly. Then it turned into a junior high school dance with the referees ready to pounce given all that clutching and grabbing. Brashear — the grizzled veteran — lands some quality blows at the end, but a solid showing for the rook.

Locker room reaction

  • Bruins forward Shawn Thornton: “[Expletive] awesome… The guys talked about it after the game and what a great job he did. You’ll notice that a lot of guys went over and said good job to him while he was in the box. So, a hell of a job by him.

    “[Brashear] is one of the top three tough guys in the league. [Bitz] did a great job. It shows a lot about his character. I know the guys love having him in the room, love having him on the team. I know I love playing with him.” (Video)

  • Bruins forward Byron Bitz: “I think I did alright. He’s pretty strong, he got me inside, it’s tough to maneuver, move around, but I was pretty happy with how I did.

    “No, I just went to hit him and I think I just got my elbow up a little high and he didn’t like that. That’s how it started. Obviously, I wasn’t going to back down and if that gives our team a lift, then that’s all the better.

    “I was just trying to be calm and do what I had to do and when it was over [Thornton] skated by the box and he was pretty happy. So then it kind of clicked in just what happened.” (Video)


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