Recession hits Fight Cub


We’re starting to feel like Clark W. Griswold (Movie capture)

When we started the Fight Cub feature here last month, we fully expected there would be games where the Bruins didn’t engage in any fisticuffs. But it has now been more than two weeks since a Boston pugilist grappled with an opponent and, as Clark W. Griswold displays above, people don’t generally like two-week sabbaticals.

You’d have to go back to Feb. 1 when Shawn Thornton got Montreal’s Alex Henry to tap out to find the last joust featuring a skater decked out in black and gold.


It’s worth noting that these kinder, gentler Bruins are 3-2-2 during this seven-game stretch, with two overtime losses. Before last night’s 5-1 triumph over the Carolina Hurricanes, the Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa opined that, “A scrap or two might spark some emotion.”

According to, the Bruins ranked 21st in the league with 30 fights for the 2008-09 season entering last night’s game. The Bruins already went six games without a fight during a stretch of games from Oct. 21-30 (the team went 3-2-1 with an overtime loss during that clip).

The Bruins haven’t endured a streak of seven fightless games since Feb. 24-March 8, 2007. Boston also boasted a streak of 11 games in which it didn’t drop the gloves during that same 2006-07 campaign and finished with only 29 scraps for the year.

So what’s your take?

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