Scare for Nokelainen


Petteri Nokelainen won’t be seen without a visor again this season. (Barry Chin/Globe Staff)

Petteri Nokelainen shed his visor late last season for the first time as an NHLer. He won’t be doing so again anymore.

“I didn’t see anything after 24 hours,” Nokelainen said of the vision in his right eye after being struck by San Jose’s Dan Boyle. “There was a lot of bleeding in my eye. It was a little scary.”

For the first week after the injury, Nokelainen was restricted to his couch, forbidden to partake in any physical activity. He has been taking medication to help the healing. Nokelainen also needed stitches around the eye.

“Even if they didn’t tell me to wear one, I would definitely wear one,” Nokelainen said of a visor. “I guess you have to be a little bit dumb at first. You think you’re not going to get a stick in the eye yourself. I’m going to wear one now.”


* Julien on Milan Lucic, who got back to his thump-first self against Florida on Tuesday: “One of the things that kept him here last year was that part of his game. Everything else kind of followed as the year went on. This year, there’s been ups and downs in that area for him. It’s not an easy job to do. But it’s a job that he does extremely well. He’s one of the best at it. If he wants to be a presence in every game, that’s what I think he has to do for us. I still remember the big hit he threw the last game created a two-on-one. That’s the kind of stuff we need from him. Hopefully he can build on that and understand the importance of his role.”

* Anaheim, currently in 10th place in the Western Conference, is one of four clubs with 65 points. “Won’t be any more easy games from here on in,” Claude Julien said. “We’re prepared for a tough game again against a team that has all the elements to be a good hockey club. We’ve just got to make sure we bring our A game tonight.”

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