Final food countdown

Before everyone takes off for the long weekend, thought I’d send you off with my end-of-season Eastern Conference food rankings. In this category, Boston always wins.

1. Boston. Nothing beats it. Has everything from breakfast (SoundBites) to lunch (Pizzeria Regina) to dinner (Ten Tables) to dessert (J.P. Licks).

2. Montreal. L’Express: the best French bistro around. Highly recommend the croque monsieur and goat cheese salad. Topped off with an espresso, of course. And another at Caffe Art Java.

3. Pittsburgh. The South Side Steak & Egg at Fatheads might be the greatest sandwich ever created.

4. Washington. Pre-game meal at Li Ho Food around the corner from the rink. Beats the press meal every time.


5. Florida. Have tried at home to make Greek Islands Taverna’s lemon roasted chicken. All failures. Guess I’ll have to go back for more research.

6. Tampa Bay. As if the steaks at Bern’s weren’t good enough, the dessert room makes the restaurant even better.

7. Toronto. Dim sum at Lai Wah Heen — one of my best discoveries this season.

8. Rangers. Would be higher with more time to explore. But just being the home town of Ess-A-Bagel gives NYC good marks.

9. Philadelphia. I’ll have one American witout at Tony Luke’s, please.

10. Carolina. Good coffee and free wireless at Cafe Helios. Two requirements for traveling hockey hacks.
11. Ottawa. Pasta at Giovanni’s and coffee at Bridgehead.

12. Atlanta. MF Sushi features some of the fresher fish around.

13. Buffalo. La Nova, Duff’s, or Anchor Bar for wings? The debate rages on.

14. Islanders. Aside from Harrison’s Deli, there isn’t much in Uniondale.

15. New Jersey. No luck so far in Newark.

Fire up the grills and enjoy the long weekend, folks.

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