Dallas dining report

The most nerve-wracking part about covering a road game in an unfamiliar city isn’t the travel. It’s not negotiating an unknown rink. It’s not making deadline from a different time zone.

The biggest worry is not having a go-to restaurant. I’d visited Dallas on two previous occasions, but had never spent any time walking around and studying dining possibilities.

Armed with a little research, an empty stomach, and a well-tuned nose, I set out on McKinney St. last night upon arrival. Passed by a surf-and-turf joint, but didn’t get good vibes. Peeked in a sushi joint, but the smell of meat on the grill was far too tempting to turn down. And since we’re in Texas, might as well go for red meat, right?


So I settled on Jake’s. I wasn’t disappointed: big fat cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake so thick you could pull a groin if you’re foolish enough to use a straw (it comes with a spoon). Total bill: $11 and change.

Today, to combat all that grease, I visited Yutaka Sushi Bistro for some fresh fish. Enjoyed some tasty salmon, yellowtail, and tuna. Only annoying part was trying to extract a stray piece of seaweed from between the teeth for the next hour or so.

Two more top-shelf strikes for this hungry hack. Glendale recommendations, anyone?

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