Osgood to start tomorrow

Mike Babcock said that Chris Osgood will start in goal Tuesday night. Osgood started Saturday against Calgary and limited the Flames to one goal.

* The Wings’ workout room is located next to the main dressing room. Several of the Bruins have remarked on Pavel Datsyuk’s strength, so I took a peek at part of the center’s workout. First, while lying on the reverse incline bench, Datsyuk ripped off a string of situps while gripping a 45-pound plate to his chest. Minutes later, Datsyuk took two 45-pound plates, held them over his head, and swung his torso in circles. It’s all about core strength, and given the glimpse at his workout, it’s not surprising that Datsyuk is one of the league’s strongest players on the puck.

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