Report: Savard cap hit to be approximately $4.2 million this morning is reporting that Bruins center Marc Savard has agreed to a seven-year contract extension, to begin next October, that will pay the then 33-year-old an average of some $4.2 million a season, for a total approaching some $30 million.

Today’s Globe and reported that Savard, now in his fourth year with the Bruins, was on the verge of signing (possibly as early as today) the seven-year deal and likely would earn in the range of $4.5 million-$4.8 million.

The Bruins, about to take the ice in Wilmington for their daily workout, have not made an official announcement about the signing, nor has the club scheduled a news conference.

Savard and the Bruins are back in action tomorrow night agains the Lightning on Causeway Street.


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