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Jim Davis/Globe Staff

The Bruins have an off day today. They will resume practice tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at Ristuccia Arena.

To conclude the Winter Classic, here’s the outdoor version of FFB:

  1. In some ways, it makes sense to have future Classics in football stadiums. More seats. Better sightlines. More space. But what made yesterday’s game sparkle was how the rink was shoehorned into Fenway Park. The ballyard was the perfect frame for the canvas that was the rink. How about letting the Capitals and Alex Ovechkin host the 2011 Classic at Camden Yards?
  2. Wish I could have seen Tim Thomas make his grand re-entrance in his Olympic jersey. Was in the dressing room (er, clubhouse) after the game for interviews when I saw Thomas put on his Team USA jersey. Must have been chill city to see Thomas come out of the dugout. Great, great touch.
  3. There were parts of the Classic, especially in the second period when some of the immediate impact had worn off, that were somewhat sleepy. Par for the course, I suppose, when the puck is bouncing around and both teams aren’t attacking. Think that will always be the case with future outdoor games because of the ice condition variable.
  4. Intermission entertainment was somewhat underwhelming. But I suppose that’s prime commercial time for NBC. As noted earlier, this was a made-for-TV event, above all else.
  5. Glad to see Claude Julien and his staff continue the fedora tradition set by Mike Babcock and the Detroit coaches last year. Provided plenty of material with which to needle Julien and his assistants for a few more weeks.


Jim Davis/Globe Staff


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