Bruins take over Broadway

Good mornin’,  Black-and-Gold fans. 

Only two months to go before the NHL trade deadline.  Now that Peter Chiarelli has plucked Miro Satan  out of hockey obscurity (a/k/a a residential neighborhood of Long Island), I wonder, could he go the elderhostel approach again in early March and woo Chris Chelios to the Hub of Hockey?

And while I’m at it, with Chelios, shouldn’t the correct spelling be elderhostile?

About to go wheels up here in the Hub this morn and make my way to Manhattan for the B’s tilt against  the Blueshirts. 

Not sure which mode of transportation to take.  Usually prefer to pick up an Avis rental at Hanscom Field in Bedford and drive straight to Times Square.  Worked at the NYT for three years (1983-’85) and always opt to park at a garage next to 229 West 43rd St.  Charge for 24 hours:  $32.  Creature of habit, for sure.


 Always chuckle at the NYC rate because when I park on game days in the garage under the TD Bank Garden (aka The Vault), they hit me for $45 for 14 hours (10 a.m. to midnight).   Another Boston ripoff.  Twenty-four hours in Manhattan: $32.  And that’s with valet treatment.   Or, 14 hours in Hub:  $45.  No valet, of course, unless the gregarious Charlie Jacobs offers to wheel it down for me.  So accommodating.

But back to today’s sojourn.  Probably will opt for the Avis rental.  Prefer a big Merc with satellite radio, especially when driving at night, can listen to all the NHL games.  Don’t like those euro tin cans that Shinzawa likes, which he loves to air out at average speed 86 mph, city or highway.  Rental car attendants refer to the man simply as ”The Rocket”.

Should be able to make the trip in about 4 1/2 hours, at least 60 minutes longer than it would take ”Rocket” if he were behind the wheel.  Once accompanied him on one of his Bonneville-Salt-Flats-like races to Montreal and vowed then, if I ever accompained him again on a trip, it would only be if I were the Rochester to his Mr. Benny.

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