Cap limiting Bruins’ trade talks

The Bruins have picks-a-plenty (two first-rounders, three second-rounders in 2010) that are valuable on the trade market. But the Bruins will most likely not be able to pull off a deal prior to tomorrow’s 3 p.m. trade deadline if only picks are involved.

According to an NHL source, the Bruins have approximately $140,000 of cap space, leaving little wiggle room to bring on any significant players.

“That’s only enough right now to take on a player making the NHL minimum or a touch above,” the source wrote in an e-mail.

For the Bruins to acquire either a puck-moving defenseman or a goal-scoring wing, they will have to send some dollars the other way. Michael Ryder ($4 million) would be the ideal candidate to be moved, but the Bruins would have to sweeten the pot by including picks or taking back a similar contract.


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