Julien reflects on changes

After telling Derek Morris and Byron Bitz to call GM Peter Chiarelli, Claude Julien led his team through practice at Ristuccia Arena, knowing that more changes could take place prior to tomorrow’s home game against Toronto.

“They’re trying to make us a better team. They’re trying to make some changes,” Julien said of his bosses. “Sometimes it’s not about the individual. It’s more to shake things up. They’re bringing in people they think can help us. To do that, with the salary cap today, sometimes you’ve got to give up players that if you could have kept, you would have.”


Julien said by swapping Morris for Seidenberg, it doesn’t make the team worse, but gives it a different look.

“We want to be a hard team to play against, and he’s definitely a hard player to play against,” Julien said.

In Morris, the Bruins lose their No. 3 defenseman. Morris quarterbacked the No. 2 power-play unit last night.

“He was one of those guys — we wanted to move the puck better — who did that,” Julien said. “On the power play, he was one of those guys who was finding guys. Great shot for tips. He excelled in those areas. Again, would we have liked to have gotten Seidenberg and kept Mo? Probably. No doubt. It would only have made your team better. Salary caps are just making things tough. We’re one of 30 teams trying to juggle those kinds of moves.”

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