Toronto dining report

With a convention banging out all rooms in downtown Toronto, I’ve been staying at an airport hotel west of town. Right down Dixon Rd. is Grand Chinese Cuisine, which, while not in Chinatown (Toronto has one of the world’s most expansive Chinatowns), is known to have some of the better Cantonese food around.

After a dinner of egg drop soup, siu mai, and fried rice vermicelli with shrimp and barbecue pork, I’d classify it as good. Not great. Should have known when I spotted the tablecloths, chandeliers, and the saucer for the cup of jasmine tea. My kind of Chinese restaurant has lots of linoleum, uncomfortable chairs, a greasy kitchen, and big, bold flavors. GCC’s dishes were on the mild side, even with the hot pepper designation next to the vermicelli.


For lunch today, went with the old standby: spicy half chicken with rice and potatoes at Churrasco of St. Lawrence at St. Lawrence Market. Grab extra napkins when you get this meal. Plenty of finger-licking sauce on that bird.

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