Savard not ready yet to forgive Cooke

Marc Savard addressed the media this afternoon, his first such appearance since suffering a grade two concussion from a blind-side hit to the head by Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke on March 7. Sitting alongside general manager Peter Chiarelli, the injured center spoke softly and pointedly for some 15 minutes.

Savard was asked if Cooke, who expressed remorse for the hit when the Penguins came to TD Garden on March 18, had attempted to reach out to him. While it wasn’t exactly a Cam Neely-like response, he said it wasn’t yet time to meet with Cooke.

“Yeah, he’s tried, tried to get my phone number and stuff like that,” he said. “But from what’s happened, I really don’t at the moment have any interest in talking to him. That’s just how I feel. Maybe down the road, but right now I’m not feeling any better so I’d rather just not talk to him.”


Savard, whose return this season is doubtful, said the doctors have told him to be a little more active.

“I gotta get out and start doing things, so I feel better,” he said. “I think that’s a big thing, I’ve been kinda locked up in my house for alot of the time, so I gotta get outside and just do normal everyday things and see how I react. When I get outside I feel alot better, I’ve had a couple good days lately and a couple not so good. So, hopefully I get a stretch of good days, so I can start to look at coming back here.”

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