Savard improving, yet to exercise

Marc Savard, a month after suffering a Grade 2 concussion, visited the dressing room this morning and reported that he’s been feeling better lately.

“I’m starting to feel better,” said Savard. “I’m getting out the last week and doing some things, getting out of the house. I’ve been cooped in my house a lot. I’m starting to feel better, that’s for sure. Hopefully that continues.”

Savard, who’s showing more color in his face, said he’s still experiencing headaches and fatigue, although both symptoms have lessened recently. Savard is taking medication to help him sleep at night.


Savard has not started any workouts.

“I haven’t even thought of any of that stuff right now,” Savard said. “I’m just trying to get healthy. They’re steps in the right direction now. This last week, especially with the good weather, I’ve been able to get outside, get some color, and walk around. I’m definitely feeling a lot better.”

Savard has a doctor’s appointment today.

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