More Bruins-Flyers postgame quotes

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More Bruins-Flyers Game 2 postgame quotes:

Bruins coach Claude Julian on the game-winning goal displaying Milan Lucic’s all-around skill:
“Yeah I think it was a real nice goal and hopefully a confidence boost for him as well. He hadn’t scored in a while and I think just the way we scored was typical Lucic. He did a great job on that whole shift, as you mentioned, and it was nice to see him score that goal.”


Julian on Miroslav Satan consistently improving his game since his coming to Boston:
“You’re right. From day one, he’s just been getting better and better. Obviously a guy that comes in halfway through the season has got a lot of catching up to do. At first it was about letting him find his game a little bit, we were managing his ice time. But you could see that this guy has experience and he has experience in big games as well as part of the Stanley Cup team last year. He’s been through those situations. Again, we talk about guys that have experience—he’s one of those guys and he’s shown it. He’s very calm, he’s poised, very good with the puck, seems to have good chemistry with [David] Krejci. He’s been a real good addition. Like I said, you’ve got to give management credit for that one, to bring him in. Right now he’s so useful with the injury to Marco Sturm and other things that have happened to us. He’s just stepped in and done a tremendous job.”

Julian on the recurring themes of scoring in the third period and winning at home:
“It’s about trying to stay with it. Again, last game, the third period wasn’t as good as we would have liked it to be. We had to go into overtime, but I think it’s important for our team to play to win. Sometimes you play not to lose, you get tight. Right now it’s about playing to win and doing the things that you need to do in order for those things to happen. I like the way our team’s responded, especially when you get scored on in the last, I think it was 24 seconds left in the second period. It certainly gives the other team momentum and it certainly can deflate the other team that gets scored on. But our guys focused, kept their focus, and they went out there in the third, determined to win a hockey game.”


Julian on how he feels the Bruins have adjusted to a more aggressive Flyers forecheck:
“No, I think their forecheck that they had on us the whole game was a lot of what we saw from them in the second and third periods of the other game that we played against them. They’re very aggressive and that’s how they play. That’s how Peter’s [Laviolette] always coached his teams that I’ve played against and that’s what they are. So it’s not a big surprise. I think it’s up to us to make sure that we’re ready for the battle along the walls, especially when there’s some pinching and some heavy forecheck. We got to manage the puck well. Sometimes managing the puck means not just whacking at it, but maybe keeping it in your feet and buying some time to get some help. I think that’s how you handle those kind of things. We try and do the same things at the other end. There’s times when they turn the puck over and that’s when we get our scoring chances as well. You got two teams trying to do the same thing here.”

Bruins forward Marc Savard on how he felt Monday night:
“I felt great. I felt like I was starting to make good passes. I found [Michael] Ryder a lot so hopefully he can get going, and get a couple of goals. Especially on the power play, I really felt at home again. I was able to hold the puck.”


Savard on his altercation with Daniel Carcillo:
“He pummeled on my face. He pulled on my teeth, so I guess that’s biting when a guy tries to pull your front teeth out like his. I guess… I don’t know.. I don’t see how that [is biting].”

Savard on if Carcillo tried to pull out his front teeth:
“Yeah, his glove tried to yank them out. I don’t know if you want to look like him but he pulled on them, that’s for sure.”

Bruins forward Miroslav Satan on his goal:
“Well, it was a nice patient play down the boards and Blake Wheeler found me on the circle and I was able to beat him five-hole.”

Satan on what he likes about performing in the playoffs (53 career playoff points):
“It’s always, in playoffs, it’s playing for basically a Cup. It’s every year the same thing, to try to help the team, and I don’t even know — what you’re saying, these statistics, I don’t even know. They don’t really matter to me, but being able to win games like this, it’s definitely a good feeling.”

Flyers goaltender Brian Boucher on the Lucic goal:
“I didn’t pick it up right away. I was a little deep in the net. It was above my pad and below my blocker in a tough spot for me to get. I wish I could have picked it up a little sooner… We had to kill a few penalties and there was a time where we did get hemmed in. On that last goal we did get hemmed in a bit.”

Flyers defenseman Ryan Parent n the sequence that led to Milan Lucic’s goal:
“The puck was on the wall there and I think they just made a play down low and it popped into the slot and I don’t know if it was off a rebound or not and I think [Milan] Lucic just turned around and batted it in.”

Parent on how the Bruins controlled the third period:
“They got a lot of opportunities. I think their mindset was just getting the puck, dumping it in and trying to keep pressure on us in our own end, and towards the end of it I think they hemmed us in a little bit.”

Bruins forward David Krejci on the team having learned a lesson from Game 5 versus Buffalo:
“Yes. We knew they were going to be desperate today. And I don’t think it was our best game, but we got a win and that’s what counts at the end of the day. We are happy about it, but we know we have to play much better in Philly. It’s going to be a tough one, but we have to play desperate just like we played today.”

Krejci on the Bruins making adjustments:
You know, I don’t think it was our best game. But we got a win. So that’s good. But we still have to make some adjustments tomorrow at practice and be a little bit better in the first game in Philly.

Krejci on his on-ice relationship with Miroslav Satan:
“He’s just a great player. You know? Sometimes we speak in our language on the ice so that helps, too. But I know what he can do. He has great hands, so we try to help each other out there and that’s what’s happening right now. He’s hot lately, so hopefully he’ll stay hot and I’ll try to help him as much as I can.”

Krejci on how often he and Satan speak their language on the ice:
“You know it doesn’t happen that much. You don’t think about it, what [language] comes to mind whether it is Czech or English. You just say it. We talk about it on the bench in our language and I guess that helps. He’s a good guy and he’ll let me tell him what I think he should do and he listens. And I try to do the same thing.”

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Information from the Boston Bruins media relations staff was used in this report.

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