Philadelphia dining report

Doesn’t get much better than, at the end of a Boston-to-Philly drive last night, pulling into Tony Luke’s on Oregon and tucking into a cheesesteak (American, witout). Despite stopping at Baggio’s in Fort Lee, N.J., for a couple slices, was on the edge of serious hunger when Tony Luke’s beckoned. Continue to marvel at how something so simple — bread, ribeye, cheese — can taste so darn good.

Have been informed multiple times that Pat’s and Geno’s, the two Philly cheesesteak icons, are tourist traps. That judgment will require further investigation. About 14 more visits each.

But I can give full approval to Sabrina’s Cafe on Christian Ave. Good, dark, fresh coffee. Nice eggs. A killer French toast. A visit is in the works tomorrow morning.

Any other suggestions, drop me a note.


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