Leading hand surgeon performs surgery on Krejci

According to Claude Julien, Dr. Thomas Graham, surgeon-in-chief at Baltimore’s Union Memorial Hospital, was present at the Wachovia Center last night when David Krejci suffered a dislocated right wrist. Graham is considered a leader in the field of hand surgery. So Krejci returned to Baltimore with Graham last night to undergo surgery.

“We were fortunate enough to have one of the best hand surgeons in the country — that’s what I’ve been told — on hand here yesterday,” Julien said. “He works out of Baltimore and lives there. He was nice enough to bring David back with him and do the surgery last night.”


Dr. George Kasparyan, director of hand surgery at Lahey Clinic, said a dislocated wrist usually requires immediate surgery. According to Kasparyan, there are three issues at play in the procedure: to restore blood flow to the bones in the wrist; to reduce pressure on the nerves of the wrist; and to relieve what is usually excruciating pain.

“By their nature, once a dislocation occurs, it almost always requires operative intervention to repair the ligaments of the wrist,” Kasparyan said. “It’s an injury of urgency.”

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