Positive post-op report for Ference

Andrew Ference, who underwent hernia surgery last Friday, said there was more scar tissue this time around than there was last June.

“There was a lot more they had to do in there,” Ference said. “The doctor said it was really good that we got it done. It was a bit of mess. There was more to it than the last one. I think it went through getting hurt, healing a bit, getting hurt, healing, so scar tissue was building up. It was all junky in there.”

But Ference said the procedure won’t limit his offseason training schedule. Ference will remain in Boston until next month, return to his offseason home in British Columbia, then ramp up his summer workouts.


“Halfway through the summer, I’ll get back on [the ice],” Ference said. “It’ll be a fairly normal workout summer. I didn’t have to wait the whole month after the season like last year for the swelling to come down. It was all inflamed from the Carolina series. There was a whole bunch of blood and the tissue was bad. This year was fine. It wasn’t all full of blood.”

Friday’s procedure targeted the right side. Last summer, doctors repaired the left side. The area is considered sound going forward.

“The stuff that was fixed last year felt great the entire year — 100 percent,” Ference said. “Based on that, I feel great and I feel confident. It’s the exact same type of thing. The hole is taken care of and patched up. The mesh is strong. There’s no reason it should give me problems.”

Ference appeared in 51 regular-season games and scored eight assists. Ference recorded one assist in 13 playoff games. Ference will enter the first season of a three-year, $6.75 million contract in 2010-11.

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