NHLPA elects for inflator, CBA extension

The NHLPA’s executive board has elected to maintain the 5 percent inflator for 2010-11, which means the salary cap should rise to approximately $58 million. The final cap number for next season will be announced prior to July 1.

Had the NHLPA voted not to trigger the inflator, the cap would have decreased from its current $56.7 million number.

The NHLPA also elected to extend the current collective bargaining agreement to 2011-12. The 7.5 percent bonus cushion will be effective for 2010-11, meaning it will not be a hard cap.

“The NHLPA is pleased to announce to hockey fans that the CBA will remain in effect through the 2011-12 season,” the executive board said in a statement. “It is apparent through the operation of the CBA that there are a number of issues that require serious examination. The NHLPA is currently reviewing these issues and will be forming a negotiating committee in the coming months in order to address these matters.”

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