Chiarelli: No trades anticipated today

GM Peter Chiarelli spoke with Edmonton GM Steve Tambellini last night regarding a trade for the top choice in the draft. Chiarelli said he expected to have another talk with Tambellini today at the Staples Center prior to the draft.

Chiarelli said there might be future deals regarding roster players, but he didn’t think they would take place today.

“Everyone’s anticipating deals today because everyone’s in the same spot,” Chiarelli said. “But I don’t think anything will happen today based on my discussions.”

Chiarelli also said that Tim Thomas has not requested a trade. Chiarelli gave Bill Zito, Thomas’s agent, permission to talk trades with other teams.


“Tim, in no way, has ever asked to be traded,” Chiarelli said. “Tim wants to be a Boston Bruin. What I did was I talked to Bill at some point after the season. I said, ‘Bill, look. We’re in a position here that there will be some teams coming forward and will ask about Tim.’ I said, ‘At some point, if deals become realistic, you and I have to work together. Tim and his family, we all have to work together, completely transparent. Let me give you an e-mail giving permission to talk to these teams if they call you.’ That’s all it was. There’s no overt effort to trade Tim. There’s no request by Tim. Tim wants to be a Boston Bruin.”

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