Dropping the puck on 2010-11

WILMINGTON — As if the passing of Labor Day wasn’t enough to mark the end of summer, today’s kickoff of goaltending coach Bob Essensa’s goalie camp at Ristuccia Arena signals that winter and hockey are soon on their way.

Essensa and Doug Houda are overseeing Tuukka Rask, Nolan Schaefer, Matt Dalton, Adam Courchaine, and Michael Hutchinson on the ice. They’re getting some help from Jamie Arniel, Brad Marchand, Max Sauve, Tyler Seguin.

Tim Thomas appeared on the ice for some brief edge work, but did not have on his jersey and didn’t take any shots. (UPDATE: Thomas took shots earlier in the session, according to Essensa).

Informal skates are scheduled to start later this morning.


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