Ottawa dining report

As much as I like Ottawa, there are other ways I’d like to spend Halloween than waiting until 4:30 p.m. tomorrow to catch the only direct flight home.

So with Montreal just two hours away, flew there instead last night, then drove two hours west to Canada’s capital. Which, of course, allowed for a stop at Schwartz’s for dinner last night. Few things better than smoked meat, canary-yellow mustard, rye bread, and a cherry soda at the counter.

Good, strong, fresh coffee this morning at Bridgehead. But the highlight was a late lunch at Shawarma Palace, where they serve, hands-down, the tastiest Lebanese food I’ve ever had. Can’t go wrong with the chicken shawarma plate — pile of meat, salad, potatoes, rice, pita bread, and hummus. Carrying the tray is a good substitute for curls at the gym. No need to eat dinner after that.


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