Buffalo dining report

As the unofficial mayor of Buffalo, one of Kevin Paul Dupont’s first stops on the goodwill tour is Wegmans, the New York supermarket staple. So with the mayor sitting out this visit to da Buff, I thought it would be appropriate to stop at Weggy’s to polish Dupes’s picture on the wall.

But instead of fighting the bluehairs for table space and free wireless as KPD does during his marathon loitering jobs, I opted for my first visit to Jim’s Steakout. Solid cheese steak, despite the use of sirloin instead of ribeye. By visiting Jim’s, I broke my first rule of cheese steaks, which is to never order one outside a 15-mile radius of downtown Philadelphia.


So to honor the concept of terroir, went with wings and a Greek salad for pregame meal at La Nova. They just don’t do wings better than they do here.

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