Florida dining report

It was the perfect plan. Cover practice at the BankAtlantic Center yesterday afternoon. Write at the hotel. Head down to Miami for dinner at Alta Mar, one of my go-to seafood restaurants.

All that went pfffftt when the call arrived from the Naples hotel I had stayed at the night before. I’ve done plenty of brainless things, but this was especially stunning for its stupidity. The nice lady informed me that I had left my bag in my room. Yep, all my clothes were back in Naples, 90 miles away.

So after three round-trip hours of road-rage driving to retrieve my bag and return to Sunrise, a trip to Greek Islands Taverna in Fort Lauderdale was required last night. Stil, even the Greek salad and roasted chicken weren’t enough to calm my nerves.


With today going far better than yesterday, I made a return trip to Greek Islands this afternoon for a late lunch outside. Good call. Went with the Greek salad once again. Crisp, fresh vegetables, good olive oil, generous chunks of feta. Just as good was the gyro stuffed with meat, veggies, and sauce, wrapped in a thick roll of pita. Might have been the best pregame meal of all time. No need for so-so rink food tonight.

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