Pick three stars of Thrashers-Bruins game

So which of the following surprised you more this week: Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly returning a kickoff 71 yards or Bruins left wing Shawn Thornton scoring two goals in a game?

I’d go with Thornton, and I’d also give him the first star of the night for his role in firing up the Bruins before they defeated the Thrashers 4-1 at TD Garden. Much of the Bruins talk this week centered on whether they had the heart and talent to really be a challenger this season, and it would appear that at least for one night that question can be laid to rest.

The official three stars chosen at the rink were: 1. Shawn Thornton, 2. Patrice Bergeron, 3. Zdeno Chara.

Vote for three. Happy holidays to all of our Boston.com readers.


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