Horton hoping for better production

Nathan Horton, benched for part of the third in Tuesday’s 4-3 win over Tampa Bay, acknowledges that he needs to pick up his game. Horton has just one assist in the last seven games. Horton recorded zero shots against the Lightning.

“I feel like I’m trying to work hard still,” said Horton. “Sometimes it just doesn’t go in. Obviously I need to be better.”

Horton will remain with Marc Savard and Milan Lucic tonight. They reviewed some video which showed that they’re chasing the puck too much instead of playing with it and creating scoring chances.


“It’s probably about working better, No. 1,” Claude Julien said of the line. “Reading off each other a little bit better so they can play with the puck a lot more. I think right now, they’re spending too much time defending. That’s not how you’re going to produce. They can get in synch a little bit better there. We did some video with those guys and helped them see the situations. At the same time, they’ve been together for three games. You have a choice of either working with them and trying to get that line going, because you know what the potential is. Or you blow it up. We’re not ready to blow it up quite this second. We’re certainly going to try and work with these guys and hopefully get them going. If they do, they’re going to be a dangerous trio.”

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