Montreal dining report

If there’s anything more lonely than the following, it’s news to me: Dinner on Friday night in the US departures area at Montreal-Trudeau Airport. A ham and cheese sandwich from Tim Hortons, at that. Should give Dupont material for three weeks.

A road game in La Belle Province usually means a stop in Burlington, Vt., on the way, then more fine chow upon arrival in Montreal. But with another road game in Pittsburgh on Monday, I had to fly to Montreal. And with wheels up to Pittsburgh via Philadelphia tomorrow at 6:30 a.m., far better to stay at the airport than downtown. Hence one of the more sobering dinners on the road.


With full plans to make up for last night, the agony all morning was whether to hit L’Express or Romados. Baguette, cornichons, croque monsieur avec salade, and espresso. Or grilled spicy chicken, salad, and fries.

Gave it some thought over a latte at Caffe Art Java, then decided on the walk up Saint-Laurent: Romados. Was not displeased. Took about three good minutes to get through the first layer of fries to find the chicken buried underneath. The joke of the meal is the bun they give you. No chance it gets eaten given the amount of food already stuffed into the styrofoam box.

On the walk back to the rink, stopped at Mamie Clafoutis for a croissant aux amandes. Won’t be needing much for dinner.

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