Pittsburgh dining report

There are few things as pleasant as the 4:45 a.m. wakeup to fly out of Montreal. And with no direct flights to Pittsburgh, an early start gets stretched out into late morning following a connection in Philadelphia.

The carrot at stick’s end, however, is Fat Head’s Saloon, one of the highlights of Pittsburgh’s South Side. Against every nutrionist’s advice, I got through the bulk of the day yesterday on a smoothie and Doritos — yes, painful to admit — in anticipation of the South Side Steak & Egg, one of Fat Head’s signature sandwiches. Or headwiches, to be correct, which is how their sandwiches are termed (bigger than your head). It didn’t disappoint. Shaved steak, fried egg, melted cheese go well together.


This morning, a check of the temps showed 12 degrees. Just right for a brisk walk to Pamela’s. Great start to the day with banana and chocolate chip hotcakes. Am more of an egg than pancake guy, but these are more like crepes — crispy on the edges, soft in the middle.

Just as good was the post-breakfast brew at 21st Street Coffee and Tea. First considered an espresso. But being a coffee geek, I went with drip after seeing they had cups via Chemex available. Enjoyed a bright cup of Sulawesi (Intelligentsia Coffee), brewed with water at 209 F. The nice fellow even warmed my cup with a slosh of water. Probably the second-best cup I’ve had on the road after Blue Bottle in San Francisco.

Hope more people get to visit Pittsburgh. Great town.

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