Nashville dining report

If anything, I am loyal to the concept of terroir. In Vancouver, I ate little aside from sushi and ramen. In Los Angeles, I’ve eaten tacos twice a day regularly. In Edmonton, I ate a snowball and huddled in front of the car heater.

So it was with haste that I made my way yesterday to Arnold’s. It is one of Nashville’s dearest hole-in-the-wall joints, where the hospitality and the food go hand in hand. Thoroughly enjoyed the Meat & Three, which was juicy roast beef with green beans, mac and cheese, and corn. Of course, there was a cup of sweet iced tea involved.


This morning, with the temps already in the high 50s, there was a pleasant cup of coffee on the patio at Crema. For lunch, after considering a return to Arnold’s, I tried Puckett’s for the first time. Wasn’t disappointed. Nice lunch of pulled pork, green beans, squash casserole, and mashed potatoes. Just as good was the slice of chocolate chess pie — rich, creamy, delicious.

As for Jack’s, Broadway’s signature barbecue joint, perhaps they had an off night last night.

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