Bettman sets the bar for Bruins-Canadiens rematch

According to a TSN report, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman met with the general managers of the Bruins and Canadiens last week and told them he didn’t want tonight’s highly anticipated showdown to devolve into a mockery.

Players are naturally emphasizing the need for each team to focus on the points in the standings, not the points on

But there’s no denying the excitement is building to see how it all goes down tonight at the Garden.

Chris Gasper and Dan Shaughnessy discuss whether the Bruins need to win this one, or if they can absorb another loss to the Habs.


And here are links to our photo galleries from the last two games these teams have played:

March 8: Canadiens 4, Bruins 1 (the Chara-Pacioretty game)
Feb. 9: Bruins 8, Canadiens 6 (the 187 penalty minutes game)

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