As good as it gets?

With two goals in a little more than a minute’s time and constant pressure in the Flyers’ end, the Bruins 5-1 pounding of Philadelphia is arguably some of the best hockey the team has played. And you won’t get much argument out of its players with that notion.

“That was about as good a start as you could ask for, especially on home ice,” said Tim Thomas, who snared 37 shots in the win. “It doesn’t always work out that way.

“We got good offense,” Thomas said later. “Good defense. We kept their great scoring chances to a minimum that’s for sure, especially compared to last game. It was a good win. That is what we are going to be shooting for. Hopefully, we just hit the rest button in our mind and the games before don’t mean anything.”


David Krejci agrees.

“Yeah, we were great,” said Krejci, who scored a goal for his fifth of the postseason. But he also cautioned against too much optimism. “It was just one of these days. One day you have a good day like we did today and it could go the other way, you know. I think nothing really special or anything, just got to make sure that next game we’re great again on these draws.”

Said Claude Julien: “I don’t know if it’s the most ‘complete’ [game], but it’s really one of those solid games where I thought in all areas. Defensively, tonight is one of those nights where I think you look at the number of shots but scoring chances are definitely down. I think a lot of them came from the third period. They were crashing the net, hoping to get those rebounds. So I liked our defensive game and how well we played, and also the forecheck and the chances we created. So it’s up there, no doubt. For me, I thought our guys responded well and played a solid game.”

One thing is for sure, with questions about the team’s power play dismissed after a Zdeno Chara goal in the third (on a 5 on 3) and another solid outing by Thomas in the bag, the team has a lot to feel good about.

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