Claude Julien on Bergeron, Thomas, and the Game 3 win

TAMPA — Head coach Claude Julien talked about the Bruins big win in Game 3, the return of Patrice Bergeron, and the solid play in net from Tim Thomas.

“Yeah, I think I, tonight’s game probably resembled a lot more of what everyone expected from this series,” Julien said. “Two teams that can make it hard for you to score and I thought tonight our team was very good in regards to that. We made some stronger plays, some better decisions and we seemed a little bit more aware out there of what was going on. So comparing it to last game where I thought was pretty sloppy, I thought we bounced back well tonight.”


Julien also shared his feelings on how Patrice Bergeron played tonight and was asked if he was concerned about the hard hit Bergeron took in the first period.

“No, not at all as far as the hit was concerned because if that would have been a concern I don’t think we would have dressed him tonight,” Julien said. “When we decided to dress him he was one hundred percent and we felt confident about that. So that hit certainty wasn’t a concern and when I talked to Patrice [Bergeron] today and he was cleared, my first question to him was ‘are you comfortable coming back’ and there was no doubt in his mind. He said ‘I’m fine, I’m ready to go’. And that was something that was important for everybody.

“I really liked the way he played, obviously you see the difference he an make for our hockey club faceoff wise, abut also his responsibility on both ends of the ice. His line was definitely better, his linemates obviously felt comfortable because they had been with him all year. So there as some chemistry there and that certainly helped us tonight. I liked the fact hat we had our four liens that were pretty stable and pretty good for us and pretty reliable.”


The coach also commented on the shutout performance from Tim Thomas.

“We’ve said so much about Tim and rightfully so he’s been a great goaltender,” Julien said. “He made some big saves when he has to and he’s been good. I guess this is the way this team is, he’ll give credit to the people in front of him and I think it’s very deserving because our team did play well in front of him. Bu when they had some great opportunities he was also there to make the big saves. So I think it’s really tonight one of those games where you want to spread the credit around.”

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