Tim Thomas: ‘That was Boston Bruins hockey’

TAMPA — It was a tale of two completely different hockey games.

Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas gave up five goals in each of the first two games against the Lightning, but tonight he stoned the Bolts cold.

After the shutout was in the books, Thomas was asked about difference in tempo between Game 2 and Game 3.

“That felt more like a normal game,” Thomas said. “That felt like the game we played most of the season. Playoffs are always more faster and more energy and a few more scoring chances than a regular season game. But that was Boston Bruins hockey.


I was able to play more under control tonight, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that we played the way that I’m used to. So I felt comfortable in a game like that.
I think getting the first quick goal definitely helped the whole team. And then not just sitting back in the third but going out and getting that second goal made us able to stay relaxed and calm throughout the whole game.”

Thomas spoke about the return of center Patrice Bergeron.

“He’s very good, not just at both ends of the ice but just in all areas of the arena, whether it’s in the faceoff circle or in our defensive corner, in the offensive corner, all over the place,” Thomas said. “And it was great to have him back. The most important thing is his health. So when I saw him get hit there against Philadelphia, it wasn’t a fun thing for me to watch, and I’m just glad that he’s feeling better.

“But since he is feeling better, he’s back and he definitely made a difference for us like he always does, and like he has been this whole Playoffs. He’s one of the best, if not the best, player on the team.”

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