Bruins players react to the disappointing Game 4 loss

TAMPA — Assorted quotes from the Bruins players after the Game 4 loss…

Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas on the second period problems: “We got outworked. They took over, they outplayed us, they started getting scoring chances and we stopped getting scoring chances.”

On if the Bruins lost momentum in the series:

“No because it is what it is. It’s 2-2. I don’t know what the use of worrying about that would be, but I think the focus should be on winning the next series.”

Zdeno Chara on the second period: “We made some mistakes. We turned too many pucks over, made some bad changes, decisions and mistakes.”


“I think they played a little bit more aggressive. They obviously knew they were behind three goals, but they handled the situation quite well.”

Brad Marchand:

“I think we got a little bit excited sometimes. We take chances and that’s not our game. Sometimes we get caught taking risks.”

“When you’re up, you almost sit back a bit. You think that the game is over and that’s what we did. We thought that we had them. We took it for granted. We didn’t use it to our advantage and we didn’t keep pushing forward and that’s what we should have done.”

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